• Former Lakeland City Commissioner
  • 19 Years Civil Litigation
  • US Navy Veteran
  • Over 35 Years of Public Service

To be effective, a judge must have service in his heart. He must know the community, understand its needs, and be ready to defend its values. Most of all, a judge must have a deep knowledge of the law and experience with a wide range of legal issues.

Keith Merritt possesses these traits.  He is an experienced lawyer with a long history of defending people in need.  Keith is a true representative of our community and will make a fair and honorable judge.

Keith Merritt is a proud US Veteran.  In six years of active duty as a Nuclear Electrician, he earned his Dolphins aboard two (2) submarines, became a Navy Scuba Diver and received commendations from the Commander of Submarines in the Pacific and the Commanding Officer of the USS Bremerton.

The proven leadership skills he learned in the Navy has been the foundation of his career and the heart of his service to his community.



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